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Melbourne Acoustic Duo – Corporate Event Specialists

When it comes to choosing entertainment for your corporate event, our experience has shown us it is important to take a few factors into consideration:

Background music or upbeat dancing (or both)

Does your event call for some background music as guests arrive and over dinner, then more upbeat music for a full dancefloor? We have the repertoire and experience to match song/music choices that best complement the theme or ‘vibe’ of the event. When dancing is required, we engage a unique and professional backing track system (drums, bass, brass section, keyboards etc.) that provides the ‘full band sound’ partygoers are comfortable dancing to, without the need for 5 or more musicians hanging around all night.

Vocal or instrumental

At corporate events, it is common for people to want to mill around, network or chat to colleagues. Often a set of instrumental ‘jazz style’ tunes will suit perfectly for this, whilst providing a ‘taste’ of what’s to come later in the event. We are versatile in our offering to provide a complete musical solution for any event or occasion.

Live music or DJ

Generally speaking, most people prefer a live music experience over a pre-recorded one. Based on this logic, most of your guests will prefer the same. In our experience for corporate events, it is about creating a memorable event, not just a run of the mill party. Having professional live musicians can boost the profile of your event greatly as offering something special to your guests.

DJ’s tend to be the first choice based on the lower cost involved (one person with a laptop or mp3 player) or by the inexperienced event organiser that assumes that a live musical act won’t have the same repertoire as a DJ. In our duo, we have a pre-recorded song database of over 5000 songs from the last 50 years that we draw from and play through our system during our breaks. This can easily provide the DJ experience (if that’s what you want), whilst not having to pay for additional suppliers. It can also give the guests a balance of live and DJ style music for your event.

Size of room/space

More often than not, a room for a corporate event is selected based on the ‘feel’ or ‘look’ that the event organiser is searching for. Dark & moody, light and airy, bushland backdrop, ocean views etc. Sometimes the perfect venue means there may not be a dedicated stage for a full band, or even a dance floor. A duo offering is perfect for many more events as the space required is much less allowing for more space for guests to remain comfortable, and flexibility in the placement of the entertainment.

Noise levels

‘The band was too loud!’. How many times have we all heard this over the years? People will always remember, and enjoy commenting on how loud the band was. The rest of the event may have been flawless, but the volume of that band can ruin all of your hard work and planning.

With a full band offering this generally includes an acoustic drum kit. This cannot be turned down. This means that all the other musicians have to increase their amps or PA system to reach the level of the drummer.

In our duo, everything (including the backing tracks) all go through a master volume control giving us complete control over the volume levels throughout the entire duration of the event.


All corporate events at all levels work within the confines of a budget. Having had direct event management experience, as well as working with countless event organiser from first timers to industry experts, we know the importance of delivering a successful event on or under budget. With musical entertainment, the more musicians/performers you have, the higher the cost will be.

It is also not just the performers fee that increases, it means more meals and drinks need to be provided, more car parking spaces available, more storage space for drum & guitar cases, costumes/make up bags etc. and in extreme cases, additional performers ‘rider’ expectations (what a performer may demand you supply as a condition of booking them.)

With the duo there is only 2 of us. It is a fixed agreed rate based on the duration you want us for. No surprises. We may ask for a meal and drinks to be provided if the event duration prevents us from making our own arrangements.

We deal directly with you, so no booking agency fee’s added and we can supply Tax Invoice and EFT details for your accounting reconciliation.


There is no substitute for experience. Knowing the right songs to choose. Working with you to ensure your event is as good as it can be. Responding to requests. Engaging a crowd. Liaising with venue. Playing at the appropriate volume. Being mindful of run sheet timings. Understanding bump in/bump out restrictions. The list goes on.

Using suppliers that are professional and experienced with corporate functions simply help to iron clad your events success.

Pricing from $950. Please email us for a quote

Here is a list of some of the venues and events we have performed at over the years:

  • YMCA Annual Awards night – Docklands
  • Sealy Australia – Christmas Party
  • Rotary Club of Brighton – Presidents inauguration gala (Kingston Heath Golf Club)
  • Western Bulldogs AFL Club – Annual Season Presentation (Crown Palladium)
  • Lost Dogs Home – Christmas Party (Melbourne Zoo)
  • Pitcher Partners – Family Day (Princes Park)
  • Elders Real Estate – Christmas Party, Awards Presentation Dinner Dance (Melbourne Aquarium)
  • Romsey Netball Club – Presentation Dinner Dance
  • Werribee Racing Club
  • Melton Beer & Wine Festival (Tabcorp park)
  • Brimbank City Council – Citizenship Ceremony, Volunteer Fundraiser, Carols at the Castle.
  • Fairfield Street Festival
  • Auscool – Christmas Party
  • Westcare – Christmas Party
  • Mt Waverley Cricket Club – Annual Presentation Dinner Dance
  • Greensborough Baseball Club – 60th Anniversary Awards Dinner Dance
  • Bluegem Events – Various engagements
  • EMG Events – Various engagements (Product launches, Land releases etc.)
  • Benton Plumbing – Christmas Party
  • Sunbury Football Club – Annual Presentation Dinner Dance
  • Gisborne Football Club – Ladies Day Fundraiser
  • Gale Pacific Ltd – Christmas Party
  • Saizeriya Australia – Christmas Party
  • Ferntree Gully North Primary School – Open Day
  • Rupertswood Football Club – Annual Presentation Dinner Dance
  • Lions Club of Melton –Volunteer recognition dinner dance
  • Mountain Gate Primary School – Open Day
  • Invetech – Christmas Party
  • Macgregor Logistics – Christmas Party
  • Sealite – Christmas Party
  • Westgate Health – Christmas Party
  • Confoil – Christmas Party